Booking Options

Going forth we will be modifying our booking system to ensure each appt is booked with convenience and priority for both parties.  

All Pre-Booked appointments will be subject to a Pre-Booking Deposit of $65.00. Appointments that require more than 1 hour service will be subject to $135.00 deposit, instead. Same day booking will not be subject to any Pre-Booking Deposit.

If the total cost of the service is less than $65.00, the price of the Pre-Booking deposit drops to the total cost of the service.

On day of appt. the Deposit will be deducted from your total and you will only have to pay the remaining balance. 

If you cancel your appointment, you will be forgoing your Deposit. The only exemption is that we will accept rescheduling of appointments to an earlier time/date, if available.